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The OP

The OP

What is an OP?

An "Overall Position" or OP is your position in a statewide rank order based on your overall achievement in Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) approved subjects.

It is used only for the purpose of allocating tertiary study places and you will be placed, based on your performance, into one of 25 OP bands from 1 (the highest) to 25 (the lowest).

How to I get an OP?

To get an OP you must study a certain number of Authority subjects and satisfy other requirements including completion of Year 12 and the Queensland Core Skills test (for details on the QCS click here). The basic eligibility requirement is 20 semester units of credit in Authority subjects with at least 3 subjects taken for 4 semesters. Authority subjects are based on syllabuses that have been approved and issued by the Queensland Studies Authority.

You can download a brochure that answers all the commonly asked questions about the OP here.

How is my OP calculated?

The calculation of your OP begins with the results you get in the subjects you study in Yr 12. These results are reported on your Senior Statement in terms of 5 levels of achievement - Very High Achievement, High Achievement, Sound Achievement, Limited Achievement and Very Limited Achievement. But results are also compared using Subject Achievement Indicators (SAI's) - these show your achievement compared with other students studying that subject at your school.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority has produced a very good brochure that explains the OP calculation process and you can download it here.